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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0908LinguisticMarkup" by GoutamSaha

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  __Hyphenated Numbers__:- 30-40, 1990-2005.
  ''Following Noun of Title:''  M.B.A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
  In Indian languages (eg., Bengali, Malayalam and Hindi etc,)often we find the usage of Repetitive Noun and Echo Noun. In English, we don't find such often use of ''Repetitive Nouns''. ''Echo'' type of Noun is for example, (Bengali word) Cha-Ta (tea etc) and Kapor (cloth) -Chopor (to mean cloth, shirts etc). However, the second part of of the ''Echo noun'' (eg, Chopor) does not have any meaning on its own. But, it carries very important ''pragmatic'' value as it points the meaning of the first part plus the additional related items (or, in other words, (first part of the ECHO Noun)++). ''Repetitive Noun'' carries various pragmatic values for example, Ghantai-Ghantai (almost in every hour- showing repetition), Ghare-Ghare (almost in every house- showing plenty), Chokhe (eye)-Chokhe (eye) (to keep in close-watch), Sheet(coldness)-Sheet (means- little cold) and Paye(leg)-Paye(leg) (means- to walk slowly with hesitation) etc.  
+ {{{
+ <!-- Examples on Markup for Bengali Repetitive Word -->
+ <!-- "Ghare (house) Ghare (house) Computer (Achhe)" OR Almost every house has computer -->
+ <pos_cat name="noun" type="repetitive" meaning="almost every house">Ghare Ghare</pos_cat> 
+ <pos_cat name="noun" type="common">Computer</pos_cat> 
+ <pos_cat name="verb" meaning="has"> </pos_cat> |
+ <!-- "Sakal (morning) Sakal (morning) Eso (come)" OR Come before schedule time -->
+ <pos_cat name="adverb" meaning="before schedule time">Sakal Sakal</pos_cat>
+ <pos_cat name="verb" meaning="come"> Eso </pos_cat> |
+ }}}
  '''ACRONYM or Abbreviation''' needs to be addressed for better Internationalization & Localization for a Web Content or Software messages.
  Acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of a series of words. (eg, IEEE is an acronym for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).
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