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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0908LinguisticMarkup" by GoutamSaha

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  Again, In Bangla and Hindi etc, languages, there is usage of '''Compounding (or Samas) ''' two or more words into a single short unified word where the suffix (Vibhakti) of the first word is removed while compounding. Meaning of the compounded word may not keep intact the meanings of all the constituent words.  In Bahubrihi Samas, the compounded word may mean even a different third word only. '''COMPOUNDING Markups''' are shown as below.   
+ '''Both the Euphonic and Compounding Markups are very useful for understanding semantic meaning of various much used unified words in Bangla and Hindi languages etc.'''
  <!-- Compounding Markups -->
@@ -814, +815 @@

- <pos_cat name="noun" meaning="compoundBahubrihi_Su_Hridoi_Jahar good hearted">Suhrid
+ <pos_cat name="noun" meaning="compoundBahubrihi_Su_Hridoi_Jahar good hearted person">Suhrid
  <!-- Su (good) Hridoi (heart) Jahar (whose); this indicates a man who is good-hearted -->
@@ -826, +827 @@

- }}}
+ <pos_cat name="noun" meaning="compoundBahubrihi_Peeta_Ambar_Jahar ShreeKrishna">Peetambar
+ <!-- Peeta (colour bluish green) Ambar (body) Jahar (whose); this indicates to Hindu God
+ ShreeKrishna only -->
+ </pos_cat>
+ <pos_cat name="noun" meaning="compoundKarmadharai_Dwi_Adhik_Dosh Twelve">Dwadosh
+ <!-- Dwi (two) Adhik (more) Dosh (Ten) that is Twelve -->
+ </pos_cat>
+ <pos_cat name="noun" meaning="compoundKarmadharai_Ghaner_Nyai_Shyam as black as cloud">Ghanashyam
+ <!-- Ghaner (cloud) Nyai (like) Shyam (Black)-->
+ </pos_cat>
+ }}}
  We can also provide metadata on a '''class''' of an object (e.g. for nounian words), which helps in meaningful translation and in preparing synset etc. This is to provide semantic (or some preliminary '''ontology''') metadata. For an example, autorickshaw is one kind of vehicle only.
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