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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0908LinguisticMarkup" by GoutamSaha

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  The 3-Tier XML Schema approach is useful for an XML content-author to embed a source human language specific metadata information in an XML document. This is a significant step forward toward internationalization and localization processes. An author does not need to markup every parts of his/ her document. Use such markups only at very language specific parts and thus the content does not get overweighted with extra markups.
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+ In this 3-Tier or 3-Layer XML Schema, the 1st Layer Schema for the Content Domain is intended to add metadata regarding the context of a paragraph or of whole text of a web content. This content_domain metadata helps the translation process to understand the context easily and as a result, an appropriate terminology can be sought out from the lexicon/dictionary at the localizer's end. Again,  '''Content Domain Metadata''' guides also the localization process on content writing style. For an exaple, a sport content should be translated or localized as a sport content only using sport terminologies; it should not be translated or localized using funeral terminology that might result in a funeral content.
+ The 2nd Layer Schema or the Sentence Level Schema takes care of the sentences in a paragraph or in a full text for a particular content domain of web content. Such markup on sentence level is intended to provide much useful syntactic and semantic metadata regarding a sentence.   Metadata on Sentence Syntax / Formation (for example, simple, complex and compound etc) and the metadata on Sentence Semantics (for example, demonstrative, interrogative or taunting etc) are of great importance  to a translator. A sentence's Syntactic metadata eases and quickens both lexical and systax analysis during the parsing of a source language sentence. A sentence's Semantic Metadata is very much useful in both semantic analysis and in generation of more meaningful sentence in a target (human) language. 
+ The 3rd layer Schema or the Word Level Schema is to add markup on word category (e.g., parts-of-speech or pos etc) and to provide morphological information (e.g., person, gender, number, suffix or prefix and stem of a word etc), for some specific languages.  Word level metadata is of an immense to the process of word's POS disambiguation. Word level metadata is also useful for the word chunking process. For a very specific word, meaning of a word is also provided to a localizer
+ through this word level markup as an attribute's value. 
+ Ahgain, both the Sentence and Word Level metadata are for Word Sense Disambiguation also toward more meaningful Internationalization and localization.       
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