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Minutes 2005-11-30: ITS teleconference

From: Yves Savourel <ysavourel@translate.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 09:23:38 -0700
To: <public-i18n-its@w3.org>
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Minutes 2005-11-30: ITS teleconference 


- DD: Damien Dolon (Sun)
- CL: Christian Lieske (SAP)
- YS: Yves Savourel (ENLASO)
- DS: Diane Stoick (Boeing)
- GS: Goutam Saha (CDAC) [by IRC]


- FS: Felix Sasaki
- RI: Richard Ishida
- SR: Sebastian Rahtz
- AZ: Andrzej Zydron

Review Action Items From Last Meeting

1- [NEW]: All to refresh their knowledge about the requirements document.

2- [NEW]: Andrzej and Christian to follow up on the contact to DITA, and see how ITS fits into DITA.
Ongoing. (Email send).
CL: Two roads we need to follow:
-a For the future, how to add ITS info into next versions of DITA
-b Modularization of ITS in DITA.

3- [NEW]: Christian and Felix to create a paragraph on the data categories and the relation to realizations.
Pending for next time.

4- [NEW]: All to look at the i18n / l10n definitions. give comments until the end of the week.
Done. Deadline is now passed. RI to make things move forward.

5- [NEW]: Felix to create a directory for ITS test files (e.g. its/testfiles) for now one account for Sebastian.

6- [NEW]: Richard and Felix to talk about patent policy during the AC meeting.

7- [NEW]: Richard will give Diane and Yves a template for the techniques document by the end of the week.
Done. YS will get the templates and (probably after the F2F meeting will coordinate with DS)

8- [NEW]: Yves to contact OASIS to get feedback on ITS.
Done. Email send. At least two TCs (XLIFF and Web-Services) have gotten the ITS announcement.

9- [NEW]: Yves to finalize the F2F agenda.
Done: <http://www.w3.org/International/its/ftf-200512-Didcot.html#Objective>

10- [PENDING]: All to prepare an example of the format s/he is responsible for.

11- [PENDING]: Yves to create a list of the attendee for the F2F.


We briefely discussed BugZilla. CL mentionned that we needed to make sure the keep the bugs linked to the emails when necessary.

YS noted that for DocBook the bidi-directional data category is implemented differently as in ITS. This was already noted by
Masayasu Ishikawa (http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=2551).

With regard to DocBook, CL noted that it's a format that offers many customization possibilities and maybe a way to integrate ITS in
DocBook is to go that road.

We discussed some of the requirements:

- Constraints.
The wiki text is here:
And latest summary with comments are here:
CL mentionned an earlier email that summarizes some thought on a general mechanism:
CL also mentionned another possible type of constraints: placeholders and common notation for 'variables' (like %%1', {0}, \n\t,
YS wondered if it was a constraint or something to do with notation issue. We had a consensus to keep this in the back of our mind
when working on constraints.
We discussed XLIFF approaches on constraints, DD noted that we may be able to re-use some of what is defined there. YS noted that
some constraints (like max length in byte) may require a lot of additional info (e.g. font info, etc.) in order to be useable. DD
and CL noted that maybe a generic holder could be used.
YS and DD to try to come up with some example of possible solutions to see which direction is better for ITS.

- Term identification:
To move to WD status

- Limited impact
CL noted that we address this with the dislocated mechanism.
The wiki text mentionned things we will not use but just as notes.
To move to WD status.

- Identifying language/locales
To move to WD status.

Other Business

- Face-to-face meeting is next week.
All info is here: <http://www.w3.org/International/its/ftf-200512-Didcot.html>
CL asked if we could get the list of where people would be for logistic purposes. YS to send email for this.

- Next teleconference: normally Wednesday Dec-07, same time if it's possible to hold one from the F2F meeting.

ACTION ITEMS for next week

1- [PENDING]: Christian and Felix to create a paragraph on the data categories and the relation to realizations.

2- [PENDING]: All to prepare an example of the format s/he is responsible for.

3- [NEW]: DD and YS to try to prepare some example of solutions for the constraints.

4- [NEW]: YS to move some of the 'near WD status' wiki requirements to 'wd status' and update the Req document.

5- [NEW]: YS to start working on the Techniques document.

6- [NEW]: YS to post email about the F2F attendees info.

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