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Minutes i18n ITS WG 2005-11-09

From: Felix Sasaki <fsasaki@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 14:39:26 +0900
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Hi all,

the minutes of yesterday's meeting are at


and in this mail as text.

Best, Felix.


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                               i18n ITS WG

9 Nov 2005



    See also: [3]IRC log

       [3] http://www.w3.org/2005/11/09-i18n-irc


           Felix, Sebastian, Yves

           Andrzej, Christian, Damian, Goutam, Richard




      * [4]Topics
          1. [5]scope attributes
          2. [6]section on linginfo
          3. [7]about section 5
          4. [8]other editor notes
          5. [9]summary
      * [10]Summary of Action Items

scope attributes

    SR: we use same schema fragments in all contexts (for scope)
    ... another problem: all attributes are i nsitu in the ITS namespace
    ... as it stands, the attributes are non qualified

    FS: so we should have everything qualified, all attributes?

    SR: that is a little bit ugly
    ... but otherwise we would have to maintain two schema fragments
    ... for such problems, we need test documents / test suites
    ... two other things:

    as for "locinfo":

    scribe: it contains completely free text
    ... which is against our recommendation

    YS: do you mean we would have translatable text in the locinfo?

    SR: yes, might be.
    ... or we might want to write s.t. like "this <p> element has to be
    handled carefully"
    ... another problem:
    ... we have data categories and scopes
    ... why don't we just have one scope?

    YS: I see

    SR: in an instance document you are able to specify two different
    things with e.g. translateScope and locinfoScope
    ... but we need a guide which says what happens if there is a

    YS: you have a default for each scope
    ... if the defaults are different, than there might be s.t. missing

    SR: for such cases, again we need more examples
    ... I don't know what to do for the locinfo case
    ... a possibility might be to allow a <locinfo> child
    ... the same might be true for <linginfo>
    ... you might want to say for both to say "you have a child or an

    YS: most of your concerns seem to be about the dislocated case and
    the in situ case (the latter with attributes)

    SR: that is only one part of my concern
    ... it bothers me more if all attributes are in the same namespace

    YS: you are right, we need some samples

    SR: another point: the "quo vadis" example
    ... another example: "motherboard" which should not refer to a femal

    YS: that is a good example for a term

    FS: so I will use "motherboard" instead of "quo vadis"

    SR: what about the boolean data type? that might be an issue

section on linginfo

    YS: if we have nothing to say, let's take it out again

    FS: so I will take the "linginfo" section out of the document

about section 5



    SR: what to do about this?

    YS: we should check if these document types already have ITS like

    SR: open document format is interesting



    SR: so there are two topics in section 5:
    ... 1) this is what a user of ITS + a format should do with this
    ... 2)this is what is already in this format

    FS: a mapping between such formats and ITS is a another point

    SR: like the equiv element in the TEI

    YS: should we find one person who is responsible?

    FS: that is a good idea

    SR: we could ask Damian to handle open document and docbook

    FS: I could handle DITA

other editor notes

    [Ed. note: Are you all happy with the title of the document / the

    SR: should it be "ILTS"?

    YS: maybe we don't need its at the end

    SR: "Copyright c TODO W3CR" is strange

    FS: that is an stylesheet error, I will look at that

    YS: sec. 1.2:

    [Ed. note: I am biased: of course one could describe here why we are
    doing this, but this still seems to me repeating what is in the
    requirements document.]

    YS: maybe a generic paragraph from the req document in sec. 1.2

    FS: I will take a look

    <scribe> ACTION: YS to find examples for sec. 1.2 [recorded in

    YS: I see a lot of bad XML files every day
    ... remove [Ed. note: This is for my action item on extensibiligy]

    FS: O.K.

    YS: formatting question for the examples
    ... there is no separation if there are two examples in a row

    FS: I will take a look at the stylesheets

    YS: as for the DTD case, we can use the documentRule stuff
    ... so I do have a way to use ITS
    ... we need to mention what you should do in the DTD case

    FS: I will integrate a note in the document about that

    YS: next node: [Ed. note: I Added this to explain the difference
    between schemaRule and documentRule. Any comments?]
    ... I had no comments
    ... next comment [Ed. note: I have the feeling that the following is
    mainly a repetition of what is in the scope section anyway. But if
    we leave it out, there is not much left here ...]

    FS: that comment is not valid anymore, I will take it out

    YS: [Ed. note: I don't know what to put into here - any ideas?]
    ... we agree to remove it
    ... next comment: .[Ed. note: This is the same as an example in
    section 3.2.3, but I thought it is helpful. I added examples for
    every data category, what do you think?]
    ... I liked the example FS sent before the meeting
    ... the issue is just that you cannot have two ruby attributes which
    have ruby text, but maybe that is not a big issue


    YS: if we address the changes from today, this is ready for a wd

    FS: we should have test files for the f2f

    YS: yes, and each of us should take a format they know and work with

    <scribe> ACTION: everybody to create examples of ITS applications in
    schemas / documents he is familar with [recorded in

    SR: publishing is o.k., it is only borderline cases which we can
    tackle later

    <scribe> ACTION: next meeting we will vote about publication, please
    read the WD [recorded in

    <scribe> ACTION: felix to integrate what we discussed today into the
    odd document until Thursday evening (Japanese time) [recorded in

    FS: I will do no editing between Thursday night and Friday night
    (Japanese time)

    SR: I will use that time to tackle the examples etc. in the odd file

    <scribe> ACTION: YS to create an agenda for the f2f [recorded in

    YS: if you have ideas for the f2f, please tell me


    I forgot an important point: could you write a paragraph about ODD?
    We should mention ODD in the document in any case.

Summary of Action Items

    [NEW] ACTION: everybody to create examples of ITS applications in
    schemas / documents he is familar with [recorded in
    [NEW] ACTION: felix to integreate what we discussed today into the
    odd document until Thursday evening (Japanese time) [recorded in
    [NEW] ACTION: next meeting we will vote about publication, please
    read the WD [recorded in
    [NEW] ACTION: YS to create an agenda for the f2f [recorded in
    [NEW] ACTION: YS to find examples for sec. 1.2 [recorded in

    [End of minutes]

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