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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0509SpecScoping" by ChristianLieske

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  Nevertheless, I still see this as an addition to the simple @translate attribute. And as for the dislocated case, I think a conversion between the two would be highly desireable.
+ '''[[CL''' I see that the combination of features and values is problematic. I guess a slightly different angle on the issue may help us to come up with the solution we need.
+ The 'translate="yes|no"' approach assumes that we are looking at a single data category. The 'translateYes&translateNo approach assumes that we are looking at two different data categories. 
+ To me the approach which is based on two data categories seems more natural. It reminds me of XSD, where we have separate data categories for defaults (namely 'elementFormDefault' and 'attributeFormDefault'. It also reminds me of my own drawers: one where I put things which I need to do, and one where I put things which I do not need to do (aside: that drawer is my recycle bin :-))
+ I suggest to address 'null', 'maybe', 'XYZ' not in the context of this discussion. 'null' is a special case that should be addressed in general when we talk about defaults (and the semantics of things like 'null' or empty string).
+ The solution to the problem arrising from the inability to use one attribute twice in an element which arise from the 'translate="yes|no"' approach has several disadvantages from my point of view: It's different from what we intend to do for the other data categories (they are tackled via attributes), we would need to change the semantics of XPath.
  <!ENTITY % scope
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