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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0509SpecScoping" by ChristianLieske

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     A: Because the element does not allow this (cf. 'limited impact')
   * Q: What about cascading/inheritence effects? 
     A: We have not talked about this in detail. From my understanding, however, we may have to specify inheritance
-       for every entity of the ITS.
+       for every entity of the ITS. To me this would be in line with the approach in XSL-FO where 
+       inheritance information can be given for each so-called property (see e.g. the 'inherited info'
+       for the 'direction property [http://www.w3.org/TR/xsl/slice7.html#writing-mode-related]). 
+       Aside: XSL-FO may also give some concrete ideas as to what could be said about the question "How to 
+       determine the value of a property?" (see [http://www.w3.org/TR/xsl/slice5.html])
-       A. For the 'Indicator of Translatability' we may say:
+       For the 'Indicator of Translatability' we may say:
        * Values are inherited unless overwritten
        * Overwriting (by means of 'its:translateNo' or 'its:translateYes') only pertains to the entity addressed in the XPath expression
-       B. For 'Ruby' we may say: ...''']]'''
+       For 'Ruby' we may say: ...''']]'''
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