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  = Multilingual Documents =
- === Summary ===
+ == Summary ==
- Careful considerations must be taken when designing XML documents that include multiple languages.
+ Careful considerations must be taken when designing XML documents that include the same content in multiple languages.
- === Challenge/Issue ===
+ == Challenges ==
  Using document with content in multiple languages is quite easily done with XML, as shown below:
@@ -38, +38 @@

  For example, when source material is provided in a multilingual document and the different translations should go in the same document, it will be difficult to do concurrent translation in all languages as the translators are likely to be different for each language. This means the document will have to be broken down into separate pairs of languages (the source and one target) and re-constructed later on, adding time, cost and an opportunity for possible errors.
- === Notes ===
+ == Notes ==
  Obviously, some XML documents are designed for multilingual functions, and can be used as it without problem. For example, formats such as XLIFF or TMX.
+ Note that multilingual documents where the different languages are for different content (e.g. a citation in German within a document in Spanish) do not have the challenges described here.
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