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Minutes 2005-03-24: ITS teleconference

From: Yves Savourel <ysavourel@translate.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 10:39:40 -0700
To: <public-i18n-its@w3.org>
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Minutes 2005-03-24: ITS teleconference


- RI: Richard Ishida (W3C)
- NN: Naoyuki Nomura (Ricoh)
- CL: Christian Lieske (SAP)
- YS: Yves Savourel (ENLASO)
- MI: Masaki Itagaki (Invited Expert)
- FS: Felix Sasaki (W3C)


- NT: Najib Tounsi (EMI)
- AZ: Andrzej Zydron (Invited Expert)
- TF: Tim Foster (Sun)
- DS: Diane Stoick (Boeing)




Felix Sasaki, from W3C/Keio, has joined ITS.
He is based in Japan, and part of the Team contact for the I18N Core Working Group (replacing Martin).


RI tried the EWS Wiki for ACL but nothing worked as expected. It seems they don't have that feature turned on. RI contacted them for
more information, still waiting for follow-up.
RI talked to the W3C Web team and asked if they could set up a Wiki there. Discussions in progress.
RI to continue discussions to get Wiki implemented for ITS.


- YS posted new tentative dates

- CL asked if it would be possible to have a closure target date for all deliverables.
Discussions: Maybe too far in the future to be sure. Also Working Group Notes do not go to a Last Call.
Conclusion: YS to re-word the text to add that closure dates for the Notes will be set in some months from now.


Confirmed attendees: Richard Ishida, Christian Lieske, Naoyuki Nomura, Felix Sasaki, Yves Savourel.
Almost certain: Andrzej Zydron.
If anyone else is planning on attending, please send YS an email.

We discussed how connection will work and how non-attendees could join in the meeting.
CL will have his laptop and will be able to connect [Only SAP hardware should access SAP network]
RI noted it would be important to have access to Internet for all if possible. He could have a Wifi box to distribute a single
connection if necessary.
CL to check if having just Internet access from the meeting room (without going through SAP network) could be done.
Use of Skype was discussed. Only few people will be joining in probably.
YS to ask who will be joining in and at what time.
YS to update the meeting page with an agenda.


YS posted a new page that summarizes all the work items in progress:
A call for volunteers to take some of the remaining work items was issued. MI took "Term identification".

We discussed the usage scenarios. MI noted that those were useful for people outside the realm of localization, to understand better
what ITS is about. It may be good to have more concrete examples along with the scenarios or to relate them to the requirements. RI
mentioned that we should try to keep things general. YS will try to re-formulate his 3 cases differently, making them more

We discussed the "Use of entities" requirements:

RI noted that we should add some text on making the distinction between character entity references and numeric character references
(they are often confused).

CL mentionned that ww will have similar type of issues (fragments of text) for Schema-based document with the use of XInclude,etc.

We discussed about the difference between defining a requirement and giving a guideline. The border is more foggy there than between
defining a requirement that will be solved through the tag set.
MI mentioned that some of requirements were easier to express as a description of a "issue".
RI said that we should try to capture as much as possible.
CL noted that we could have a new section that lists some of those quick guidelines thoughts we have as we go through the
requiremnets (to record them). All this could be re-organized later on: split between the Requirements document and the Techniques
documents for example.


Next meeting is Apr-31 at 15:00 UTC.
Because of the daylight saving time starting on Apr-27 in Europe, the next meeting will be at the same time for US and Japan
participants, but ONE HOUR LATER for European (so 16:00 Dublin/London, 17:00 Grenoble/Waldorf).


- RI to follow up on the discussions about setting up the Wiki with EWS and W3C.

- YS to re-word the text for the new milestones so they have provisions for all the deliverables.

- YS to ask who, among the people not attending the face-to-face meeting, will be calling-in and at what time.

- YS to update the face-to-face meeting page with an agenda.

- CL to come up with directions (auf Englisch bitte!) from the Unicode conference to the SAP building.

- CL to check the possibilities for connecting to Internet from the face-to-face conference room.

- Volunteers: to take ownership of one or more requirement and start to define it more formally. (See
http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-i18n-its/2005JanMar/0034.html for an example).
(Masaki took "Term Identification")

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