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Re: ITS Use Case - Terminology Harvesting and Translation

From: Lieske, Christian <christian.lieske@sap.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 16:35:25 +0100
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>Subject: ITS Use Case - Terminology Harvesting and Translation

To me the term 'Terminology Harvesting' does not seem to have a clear
semantic yet. Thus, I would suggest to go for something like
'terminology marking' instead. The terminology-related ISO norms (e.g.
ISO 1087) seem to suggest 'terminography'. In
, we seem to have used 'term identificiation'.

>Here is another one: 


>During the early stages of a project, it is a common practice to scan
the >source material to create a list of common terms that should be
translated >in advance, to provided a consistent terminology across
different >documents.

            I guess one could be more general here since terminology
work not only is motivated by translation, but also by source language

>Automated tools are often used for this purpose. The insertion of
special >markers to delimit terms within the source material helps the
user to >identify the proposed entries and view them within their

            How about dropping 'Automated tools are often used for this
purpose'? or moving it somewhere else? My understanding is the
following: Terms should be marked. Marking can either be done purely
manually, or be computer-assisted.

>The same markup can be used further down the project, during
translation, >to help the translators match up the source terms with
their agreed upon >translations.


>This scenario relates to the authors or the terminologists that create
the >glossaries, as well as the translators that translate the source

To me, term markers can also be of interest to people working on quality
management/assurance. For example, the absence of a term marker in a 5
page document may be an indicator for an issue, or discrepancies between
content of a term bank and term markers may trigger a special step in
the workflow.

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