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RE: SPAM-LOW: Locale/Language identification

From: Masaki Itagaki <imasaki@qwest.net>
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 03:09:31 -0700
To: public-i18n-its@w3.org
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Hi Yves

First of all, thank you so much for providing us with information about the
locale issues. Now I fully understand some background for the section 2.12
[Describing other cultural aspects of the content] requirement. I must say,
however, if the locale identifier would cover the requirement I raised. I
would say it's possible, but I'm not sure if we eventually would like to
utilize this tool. Looks like the locale identifier could have some
user-defined variants, which could be used to specify translation styles,
but it may also be simply a part of metadata to a document. In this case,
something like the Meta tag could be used. 

Again, translation styles are one type of variations in target text. As I
explained in the previous conference call, we have experienced some issues
that were derived from Japanese writing tones (Desu/Masu vs. Da/Dearu) and
Italian writing styles (formal for user guides vs. informal for help
document), when we reused translated content units. Now those variations are
mainly from context (the Japanese writing tone is more like an issue from
translation style guidelines). The Italian example is very clear. User
guide's content and help content are translated differently and cannot
mingle due to different context. In a meantime, some other languages may not
care such variations at all. If the translation style variation should be
managed "by language", the locale identifier is apparently a candidate.

We don't need to focus on solutions/implementations too much at this point.
What we need to discuss is whether translation styles should be included in
ITS. Any further comments or questions are welcome. 

Masaki Itagaki

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Hi all,

One of my action items from the last teleconference was to post some
information about the work recently done about locale/language
identifier. This is in reference to the topic Masaki raised about
identifying different types of translations (formal, informal,
etc.), basically some "cultural" variations within a given language. Some
work in that area, I think, is being done.

I believe the last draft for one of the proposals is here:

A good overview of the different problems can be found here:

Additional links about locales can be found here:

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