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Minutes 2005-03-03: ITS teleconference

From: Yves Savourel <ysavourel@translate.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 15:41:40 -0700
To: <public-i18n-its@w3.org>
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Minutes 2005-03-03: ITS teleconference


- AZ: Andrzej Zydron (Invited Expert)
- DS: Dianne Stoick (Boeing)
- FR: François Richard (HP)
- MI: Masaki Itagaki (Invited Expert)
- NN: Naoyuki Nomura (Ricoh)
- TF: Tim Foster (Sun)
- YS: Yves Savourel (ENLASO)


- RI: Richard Ishida (W3C)




- The WG has a new member (Naoyuki Nomura from Ricoh) based in Japan.
Discussion on how to make it easier for him to attend. Impossible to find a
really better time. But one hour earlier would be a little bit better. 8am is ok
with YS and MI. YS to check with DS if 7am would be OK (DS wasn't yet in the
After-meeting note: 7am is OK with DS too.


- The F2F meeting will be in Berlin, Tuesday April 5th (just
before the Unicode conference).
Five members are planning to be there, two are still checking.
We are still looking for a room or a sponsor for the meeting. If anyone can help
with that, please contact YS.


- YS will be the scribe this time.
- YS has freed time to be able to work more on ITS. He will take on the Editor
role for the Requirements document. Will be good to have another editor later on
too. AZ mentioned he might be able to do this later this year (after the


- AZ talked about his experience using wiki for the Translation Web-Service work
at OASIS (found it very useful).
- The wiki would need to be secure (no post from no member for IP policy
reasons). This may not be possible if we use the wiki GEO uses.
- YS to check with W3C if it would be OK to use a wiki outside the W3C
- AZ to look if the one TWS is using could be set up and use like that.
- MI mentioned at he could also host one if necessary (also secure).


- Looked at MI comments:
- Discussed the use of the <span>-like element

- Discussed 'Describing other cultural aspects of the content'. MI explain the
need for identifying the "style" of translation (e.g. formal vs. informal,
etc.). TF mentioned possibilities based on the language tags. YS mentioned the
current work on the locale identification.
- YS to post links to the locale identification work.

- Discussed 'Term identification'.
- AZ mentioned that TMX-Link was close to be ready for public review, but needed
first a review by Alan Melby. TBX-Link is an example of a possible
implementation for term identification.

- TF asked some clarification about the 'Information for rendering' category.
And wondered about the relation with CSS, etc.
- YS answered that it was information that was often needed within text to
indicate runs of text needing to be treated specifically. For example,
left-to-right and right-to-left information.
- YS to post a link to the guidelines of the W3C about Unicode characters vs.

- NN asked how we would work on creating the Requirements document.
Discussion: this document is easy to break down by requirements that can be
written up (almost) independently. We'll develop them piece by piece.
- NN asked if we had a template for the format.
- YS mentioned we could use roughly same sections as the old 'Requirements for
Localizable DTD Design' document
(http://people.w3.org/rishida/localizable-dtds/): description, background,
example, notes [But feel free to come up with a better overall
presentation/structure since we are starting this from scratch]. As far as
formatting style, that will be set by the Requirements document itself when we
put it together.


- Next meeting will be Thursday Mar-10.
Time to be announce (16:00 UTC or 15:00 UTC depending on confirmation that 15:00
is OK for the people not present at the teleconference). The information will be
posted as usual.


- AZ to look if the wiki TWS is using could be set up for secure used by ITS.

- YS to post a link to the guidelines of the W3C about Unicode characters vs.
- YS to check with W3C if using a (secure) wiki external to the W3C is OK.
- YS to start putting together the general 'stuff' for the draft Requirements
document (boiler-plate text, style-sheet, etc.)
- YS to post links to the locale identification work.

- All volunteers: to take ownership of one or more requirement and start to
define it more formally.

Use roughly sections such as: description, background, example, notes. Write it
as it would be in the Requirement document (except for all the formatting, plain
text is fine here). When you have a first draft that satisfies you, post it as a
new thread so people can comment on it. Make sure to notify everybody when you
decide to take ownership of one requirement. Step by step we will add each
requirement snippet to the main document to make up our first draft.

Topics already taken: TF volunteered to work on the "Identification of text to
word-count" and "Identification of text to segment", YS will work on "Indication
of container size". (I think someone also say he was taking 2.2+2.3, but I can't
recall who).

Note: If you wish to add or correct something in the minutes, please write to
the list using reply and the same subject.

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