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Work Items

From: Yves Savourel <ysavourel@translate.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 10:31:09 +0200
To: <public-i18n-its@w3.org>
Message-Id: <20050628083129.7FA57C027@postfix3-2.free.fr>

Hi everybody,

Here is a list of our current work items. I've ordered it by status of completion (more up-to-date than the one listed in tomorrow
teleconference's agenda). There are quite a few that are almost ready (or ready) to move from initial draft to working draft. They
are listed in section 2. It would be brilliant if we could move them soon. So, please, review them and comments / update/ etc. as

1 === Working Drafts

[WD] Authoring Content (YS)

[WD] Terminology Creation and Translation (YS)

[WD] Software Resources (YS)

[WD] R005 - Handling entities (CL+YS)

2 === Initial Drafts close to be Working Drafts

[near-WD] R009 - Cultural aspects of the content (MI)

[near-WD] Background (YS)

[near-WD] Who Should Read This (YS)

[near-WD] Overview (YS)

[near-WD] R008 - Purpose specification/mapping (CL)

[near-WD] Key Definitions (YS)

[near-WD] R001 - Indicator of Constraints (YS)

[near-WD] R004 - Unique identifier (YS)

[near-WD] R006 - Locale/language identification (MI)

[near-WD] R007 - Term identification (MI)

[near-WD] R012 - Indicator of translatability (YS)

[near-WD] R0016 - Naming scheme (YS)

[near-WD] R002 - Span-like elements (TF)

3 === Initial Drafts

[ID] Server Software in Multilingual Environment (NN)

[ID should go near-WD] R003 - CDATA section (TF)

[ID] R010 - Links to internal/external text (MI)

[ID] R011 - Bidirectional text support (RI)

[ID] R013 - Indicator for metrics (AZ)

[ID] R014 - Limited impact (YS)

[ID] R015 - Attribute and translatable text (YS)

[ID] R017 - Localization Notes (YS)

[ID] R018 - Handling of white-spaces (YS)

[ID (nobody has commented)] R019 - Multilingual Documents (YS)

[ID] R020 - Annotation Markup (RI)

[ID (nobody has commented)] R021 - Identifying Date and Time (RI)

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