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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0504ReqLinkedText" by YvesSavourel

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  '''[[YS-''' I could also see some paragraph about the need to e able to modify the reference text as it is retrieved. For example, the data from a software UI "&File..." cannot be use as-it in the documentation, one need to remove the '&' (and maybe '...' too). But it also affect capitalization, etc. especially since different languages may have different rules for this. '']]''
  '''[[MI-''' This may require some noramlization in rendering external data but it's only if UI items are linked. So definitely some normalization machanism must be provided as an option. Maybe I should put this in Quick Guideline Thoughts. '']]''
+ '''[[YS-''' A better example, maybe: a UI string "The file '{0}' could not be found." is used linked to the product documentation. The '{0}' variable placeholder should be replaced by a more meaningful information, for insteance: "The file '<filename>' could not be found.". This in turn need to be properly localized to "Le fichier '<nom du fichier>' est manquant." The replacement for '{0}' needs to be defined somewhere and be accessible for localization as part of the reference/linking mechanism.
+ So, in addition to the indication that an item reside somewhere else, and that a identifier to access it should be available, we also have the requirement that, if the referencing mechanism allows for modifications in the refered text, then it should also allows the possible localization of such modifications.
+ For example:
+ Not very localization-friendly:
+ {{{<p>If you get the error "<xref id="resfile.resx" subst="s/{0}/&lt;Filename&gt;/">",
+ then do...<p>}}}
+ A little better:
+ {{{<p>If you get the error "<xref id="resfile.resx">
+  <subst>
+   <search>{0}</search>
+   <replace>&lt;Filename&gt;</replace>
+  </subst>
+ </xref>", then do...<p>}}}
+ ''']]'''
  '''[[YS-''' Another aspect, maybe more important, is to have the reference mechanism language-aware. You don't want to have to change each reference 'path' to the files in each localized versions of the document that uses the references. In other words, the reference mechanism should have provision for possibly working in conjuction with the current language settings.''']]'''
  '''[[MI-''' This is also a rendering issue, correct? Datasource should be language-aware, but it can always refer to a language/locale in the superordinate element and fetch a correct langauage text. This should be mentioned in the Challenge/Issue section.''']]'''
+ '''[[YS-''' Yes, the way the language itself is defined in the document can be achieved different ways. But I think what is important is that the referencing mechanism should be as language-independant as possible (rather than 'aware' like I said before).
+ For instance, in the example <xref id="resfile.resx">...</xref>, we should not have to change the value of id. Whether the referencing works with a relative directory structure or add automatically language info to the base file name (ie. "resfile_fr.resx") is not important, as long as we don't have to modify the id. Just like you don't want to have to change references to images in <img src="whatever.png"/>).''']]'''
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