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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0504ReqLinkedText" by ChristianLieske

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  '''[[MI-''' However, how to retrieve the linked data should be an seperate issue. It's not just an authentication issue. Accessing to external data may require a specific access parameters, URL, ane even a specific application. How to access to external data should be left to a rendering application or process. When the Linked Tag has something like ''src=/database/formItems/description@pk=123'', how to access to the data in the description field of the formItems table should be taken care of by a rendering tool or a localization tool. ''']]'''
+ '''[CL] As mentioned during the 19 May 05 conf call: From my understanding, we are looking at two requirements
+ a. markup which allows us to say 'the content here originates somewhere else'
+ b. identification/access information related to the markup (this might be something simple like a GUID, or something more complex like all information necessary to actually log on to a terminology management system and navigate to a term stored in the system)
+ Example:
+ See also <originatesElsewhere infoId="42">Work with Voucher</originatesElsewhere>
+ <info>
+  <general system="MYSystem" database="DB4" user="xxx" password=""/>
+  <entry id=42" termInDB="4444"/>
+ </info>'''
  == Challenge/Issue ==
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