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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0503ReqCDATA" by YvesSavourel

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  '''[TF] My main problem with CDATA sections is that text within the CDATA section can't be separated out as translatable or non-translatable : authors must mark entire sections as <translate><![CDATA[ askdjhaskjdh ]]></translate> or <donttranslate><![CDATA[ askdjhaskjdh ]]></donttranslate> - there's nothing in between, so I've expanded on that point a little. While I understand Martin's point about the syntactic sugar'ness of CDATA, I'm not sure it's relevant to us here, is it (in terms of explaining XML syntax to our audience, there's probably better places for people to learn, right ? I've added text here explaining Yves' point about character set issues : is this okay ?'''
+ '''[YS] Yes. The new text looks just fine for me.'''
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