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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0504ReqTechWriter" by ChristianLieske

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  '''[CL] How about sth. more generic like "Usage Scenario: Content Authoring"? This would also cover e.g. a product manager writing a specification (and marking up terms), or a programmer writing raw documentation (and inserting code snippets). To me, this more generic usage also would have the advantage of fitting better with some of the activities described below (it might for example not be authors who decide that certain sections should not be translated; rather it might be something like a localization engineer).'''
  '''[AZ] For technical documents the use of standard 'stock' phrases are very often desirable both from th point of view of consistency, but also for increasing the amount of leveraged memory that can be located in TM systems. Is is desirable to provide technical authors with a facility to easily access and reuse previously authored or stock phrases.'''
+ '''[CL] Could you give an example, how the ITS tag set or the guidelines could facilitate this? The usage scenarios from my understanding describe how our deliverables could/should be used in order to better accomodate localization-related processes. Aside concerning the relationship between stock phrases and memories: Isn't it the case that the number of source occurrances is almost irrelevant once you have a translation in the memory? Thus, the argument for stock phrases looses some weight.'''
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