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[Minutes] Call on MQM 2017-03-13

From: Felix Sasaki <fsasaki@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 14:26:40 +0100
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Call on MQM. Minutes taken by Felix.

Attendees: Arle Lommel, Olaf-Michael Stefanov, Yves Savourel, Felix Sasaki, Christian Lieske, Phil Ritchie, Pedro Diez

Arle introducing the meeting. Assuming that attendees know what MQM is. Arle introducing the history. After work on MQM at DFKI, ASTM international was decided to pick MQM up. The ASTM work was launched last year, focusing on Taus DQF/MQM subset. Then an obstacle was brought up: the ASTM business model is on selling standards, so the issue type model would not be open. DFKI said: ASTM can continue development, but the name MQM came from DFKI led EU project and needs to stay open. Important to have MQM issue types catalogue open. Arle and Felix discussed how to keep the MQM issue type open. ASTM would continue work on MQM, e.g. on how to create your own typology, but the issue types would be brought to W3C. Felix said it is a good topic to discuss, but we should bring this into the ITS IG. MQM would then not be an official W3C standard, but would be publicly visible, and accessible from W3C web site.

So the telco today is happening to get feedback on your idea, if we should put the typology into the ITS IG.

Questions on what ASTM is. Arle gives some background. An ASTM committee is working on standardization topics.

Olaf-Michael: Questions on other possible standardization bodies: Alan Melby LTAC-Global, or other standardization bodies, or e.g. European commission. They have taken over e.g. this year the hosting of Jiamcatt. One could talk e.g. about hosting by EU, even if work is done in the ITS IG.

[Background info added after the call: CEO of LTAC-GLOBAL is Alan Melby, Prof. emeritus at BYU; active member of the Council of FIT the International Federation of Translators]

Arle: LTAC-Global depends on Alan Melby’s availability. About EU, we have talked to them; is very strong supportive for W3C, since it is international, not seen as European only.  We talked about OASIS, it has high cost for participation.

Phil: idea sounds very good to me. Do you have to be member of W3C to participate?

Felix: should be possible in the ITS IG. Need to check with the W3C mgmt. If they say now, then the work could be done in an MQM specific W3C community group, which does not require membership. 

Phil: is anybody in TAUS aware of this initiative, and would they be supportive? Asking since MQM/DQF have a strong relationship.

Arle: TAUS participant in ASTM is aware of this; we presume that Jaap is in favor too, he has not let us know otherwise.

Christian: what would happen specifically? We take the document we see, and put it into a W3C note? 

Arle: we would publish the machine readable format and the document you see, derived from the machine readable from. One of my hopes is: later we want to move this to a formal standardization process in W3C. Found the process very strong. At the end I would like to see this to become a W3C recommendation, not sure if we are at the point yet.

Christian: „Linked data for linguistics community group“ - LD4LT may also be an option to work on this.

Arle: I have not considered them, that is a very good point. I am not opposed to that, need to look into LD4LT. Advantage of ITS IG is the historical / family relationships; that was the rationale for going to the ITS IG.

Christian: how about relation to ISOCAT?

Arle: we want to keep that relationship in mind, may become very important. 

Arle: anybody opposing to go back to ASTAM and say: OK to bring the issue types topology to W3C?

Phil: agree - the ITS IG may make more sense because of the relation to ITS IG. I am a member of both groups, also LD4LT.

action: felix to clarify ITS IG participation of non members. 

summary of call: nobody is opposed to bring this into W3C. We need just to clarify whether this should go to ITS IG or LD4LT community group.

Olaf-Michael: full support for bring this into W3C, with a strong preference that it should go to ITS IG, if possible.

Arle: thanks, and thanks to all, adjourned.


- Felix
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