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[ESW Wiki] Update of "geoQuickTips" by RichardIshida

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   7. '''Text authoring.''' Use simple, concise text. Do not compose sentences from multiple strings using scripting.
+   Simple, concise text is easier to translate. It is also easier for people to read when no translation is available.
+   You should take considerable care when composing messages from multiple substrings, or when inserting variable text into strings. For example, suppose your site uses JSP scripting, and you decide to compose certain messages on the fly. You may create messages by concatenating separate substrings, such as 'Only' or 'Don't', ' return results in ', and 'any format' or 'HTML'.  Because the order of text in sentences of other languages can be very different, translating this may present major difficulties.
+   Similarly, it is important to avoid fixing the positions of variables in text such as "Page 1 of 10.". The syntax of other languages may require the numbers to be reversed to make sense.  If you use PHP, this would mean using a formatting string such as "Page %1\$d of %2\$d.", rather than the more simple "Page %d of %d.". The latter is untranslatable in some languages.
+   Read more about [http://www.multilingual.com/ishida43.htm text fragmentation and re-use].
   8. '''Navigation.''' On each page include clearly visible navigation to localized pages or sites; use the target language.
   9. '''Right-to-left text.''' For XHTML, add dir="rtl" to the html tag. Only re-use it to change directionality.
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