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[ESW Wiki] Update of "geoQuickTips" by RichardIshida

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   4. '''Presentation vs. content.''' Use stylesheets for presentational information, and restrict markup to semantics.
+   It is an important principle of Web design to keep the way content is styled or presented separate from the actual text itself.  This makes it simple to apply alternative styling for the same text, for example in order to display the same content on both a conventional browser and a small hand-held device.
+   This principle is particularly useful for localization, since different scripts have different typographic needs.  For example, due to the complexity of Japanese characters, it may be preferable to show emphasis in Japanese X/HTML pages in other ways than bolding or italicisation.  It is much easier to apply such changes if the presentation is described using CSS, and markup is much cleaner and more manageable if text is correctly and unambiguously labelled as 'emphasised' rather than just 'bold'.
+   It can also save considerable time and effort during localization to work with CSS files rather than have to change the markup.
   5. '''Images, animations & examples.''' Check for translatability and inappropriate cultural bias. 
   6. '''Forms.''' Use an appropriate encoding on both form and server. Support local formats of names/addresses, times/dates, etc.
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