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[ESW Wiki] Update of "geoQuickTips" by RichardIshida

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   2. '''Escapes.''' Only use escapes (numeric character references and entities) in specific circumstances.
+   Numeric Character References (NCRs), and entities are ways of representing any Unicode character in X/HTML using only ASCII characters. For example, you can represent the character รก in X/HTML as &#xE1; or &#225; or &aacute;.
+   Such escapes are useful for clearly representing ambiguous or invisible characters, and to prevent problems with syntax characters such as ampersands and angle brackets.  They may also be useful on occasion to represent characters not supported by your character encoding or unavailable from your keyboard. Otherwise you should always use characters rather than escapes.
+   The W3C internationalization site provides [http://www.w3.org/International/questions/qa-escapes additional information about the use of escapes] in markup languages. Entities, in particular, should be used with caution.
   3. '''Language declaration.''' Declare the text-processing language of documents and indicate any internal language changes.
   4. '''Presentation vs. content.''' Use stylesheets for presentational information, and restrict markup to semantics.
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