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[ESW Wiki] Update of "geoQuickTips" by RichardIshida

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  = Quick Tips =
+ '''[[RI''' I think we should call this something like "Quick tips to internationalize your XHTML and CSS" ]]
   1. Use UTF-8 or Unicode for the document encoding.
   2. Otherwise select an appropriate encoding, that supports all the languages and characters required, and is accessible and common to your users.
   3. Always declare the character encoding, using either the http header or specifying it in document.
   4. Escapes: Only use escapes for characters in exceptional circumstances.
-  5. Indicate the primary language, using the lang and/or xml:lang attributes on the html element
+  5. Indicate the primary language, using the lang and/or xml:lang attributes on the html element '''[[RI''' this should say text-processing language, not primary]]
   6. Identify language changes: Use the lang and/or xml:lang attributes around text
   7. For right-to-left documents: Add dir="rtl" to the html element and use additional bidi markup only where it is needed.	
   8. Right-to-left and left-to-right marks: Use to correctly control neutral characters such as punctuation and spaces
@@ -35, +36 @@

  [[NT: 8-bis. RLE and PDF: use to change the directionality of the title element (to ltr)
+ '''[[RI''' Here are some other ideas I had (wording needs some work):
+  * Encoding choice: Use a Unicode encoding wherever possible for the page and especially the backing store.
+  * Encoding declaration: as above
+  * Escapes: as above plus "and use NCRs rather than character entities if possible."
+  * Language declaration: Declare the default text-processing language of the document in the html tag, and use attributes to declare language changes in your document.
+  * Separate presentation and content: Use CSS for all presentational information, and use markup in a semantically meaningful way.
+  * Images, animations & examples: Check these for inappropriate cultural bias.
+  * Forms: Take care with formats for names and addresses, times and dates, etc.
+  * Text authoring: Use simple, concise English for multilingual readers. Avoid fragmenting sentence-like structures.
+  * Navigation: Where you have localized versions of your pages or site, make navigation between versions clearly visible on each page and use the language of the target page.
+  * Right-to-left text: Add dir="rtl" to the html tag and only re-use it where necessary to change directionality.  Use markup rather than CSS or Unicode control codes. (Or at least, do not mix these)
+  * Check your work: Similar to above
+ ]]
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