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[ESW Wiki] Update of "geoUnicodeConsiderationsWhenUpgrading" by Deborah Cawkwell

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Mobile phones & UTF-8

  This FAQ will attempt to list some of the considerations you would need to take into account for the encoding of web pages.
  Note that if you are using a content management system to generate web pages, you may need to consider your storage encoding, migration of legacy data, software support.
- [MD 22 mar] Maybe mention here that some mobile phones don't yet support UTF-8 (but some do, although with a limited range of characters).
  === Answer ===
@@ -46, +44 @@

     * Netscape Navigator 7.0
     * Safari 1.03
     * Internet Explorer 5.2 (Mac)
+ Although many mobile phones support UTF-8, some do not. Additionally, if they use a legacy encoding, which encoding may vary with different devices. Investigation is required if you are targetting a large mobile phone market.
  ==== Suitable fonts ====
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