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[ESW Wiki] Update of "geoUnicodeConsiderationsWhenUpgrading"

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Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 16:55:51 -0000
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The following page has been changed by Deborah Cawkwell:

The comment on the change is:
Change in structure: focusing on addressing problem questions first.

     * '''Will my users be able to see the stuff? Which browsers do they need to be using?'''
-    * '''Background info: how fonts are a bit different with Unicode.
+    * '''Background info: how fonts work seems to be different with Unicode.
     * '''Which Unicode encoding''' (Another FAQ here with answers from a recently asked IG question: "which Unicode encoding on the web? Also, which Unicode encoding for my data storage?"'''
     * '''Will my pages be heavier?''' (Could be in a what you really don't need to worry about section as suggested by RI).
     * '''If I'm using a CPMS to generate my web pages, is there anything I need to consider. (FAQ: migration of legacy data. Also FAQ which Unicode encoding for my storage?)
-    *
+    * '''Forms: is anything different? do I need to change anything? Can I now prepare for Xforms? On my organisation's site, there are some sites using UTF-8 because they don't work with anything else & forms work, so that seems to be a non-issue?? (There are issues around form input & offering online keyboards.)
+    * '''Don't assume encoding. Pointers to other FAQs. Also, a useful FAQ might be "why do I see ? in my web pages?". Recent page I saw which had no encoding statement showed ? where there should have an e with a grave accent. I was viewing the page in FF where I'd set up default encoding to Unicode; the page assumed iso-8859-1 and displayed correctly when I changed the encoding via the toolbar (view, etc). I think this UA behaviour might be contrary to W3C HTML standards, but the display could be easily accommodated with an encoding statement &/or HTML entities / NCRs...
+    * '''Are there any other questions I have missed?'''
+ -------------------------------------
+ ''' OLD '''
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