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[ESW Wiki] Update of "geoUnicodeConsiderationsWhenUpgrading"

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The following page has been changed by Deborah Cawkwell:

The comment on the change is:
 Changes in structure: identifying scope & questions that need to be addressed.

+ [DC 6 apr] summary: scope too vague; issues should be what to consider when you've decided... I don't think you can decide (to upgrade until you know what the issues are.
- [telcon 23 mar] Scope not clear, change question to "you've taken the decision to upgrade to Unicode, what issues do I need to address?"
- [DC 30 mar] Hum, this changes the direction of the FAQ... I don't think the decision can be taken until these issues have been considered. So whilst I'm happy to change the direction, it seems to make it a little circular. What about "Upgrading to Unicode seems like a good idea, what issues do I need to consider?"?
- [DC 6 apr] I don't think you can make the decision until you've considered the issues. Changed title now, but open to any other suggestions / thoughts.
  == Background ==
@@ -45, +41 @@
  '''This FAQ will attempt to list some of the considerations you would need to take into account.'''
- [MD 22 mar] Maybe be even more explicit here that this is only a start!
+    * '''If you have a database-backed web-publishing system, ie, a CPMS (Content Production and Management System), you may need to consider migrating your legacy data to Unicode encoding (NB FAQ being worked on for this in response to migrating legacy data question on i18n IG list. But unlikely to be finished when this FAQ published - can be added later.)'''
- [DC 23 mar] Do you think there are missing issues? I can think of migrating legacy data, on which I think we plan to have another FAQ using the IG answers to that question. Also form submission? What else please?
+ [DC 6 apr] Let's deal with mobile devices in another FAQ.
+ [MD 22 mar] Maybe mention here that some mobile phones don't yet support UTF-8 (but some do, although with a limited range of characters).
  == Answer ==
- '''Issues to consider:'''
+ '''Trying to work out scope of this narrower FAQ - up to line. I'm outlining my questions. Where those questions are out of scope for this FAQ, where FAQs should be kept very focussed, I'm suggesting other FAQs. This is not because I want to increase our workload, but they are issues that I need answers to.'''
+    * '''Will my users be able to see the stuff? Which browsers do they need to be using?'''
+    * '''Background info: how fonts are a bit different with Unicode.
+    * '''Which Unicode encoding''' (Another FAQ here with answers from a recently asked IG question: "which Unicode encoding on the web? Also, which Unicode encoding for my data storage?"'''
+    * '''Will my pages be heavier?''' (Could be in a what you really don't need to worry about section as suggested by RI).
+    * '''If I'm using a CPMS to generate my web pages, is there anything I need to consider. (FAQ: migration of legacy data. Also FAQ which Unicode encoding for my storage?)
+    *
  === How widely is Unicode supported for my users? ===
- '''Depends on:'''
+ '''This depends on:'''
-   * '''browser support?'''
+   * '''browser support'''
-   * '''fonts?'''
+   * '''suitable fonts'''
-   * '''rendering software?'''
+   * '''rendering software'''
- ==== Browser Support ====
+ === Background Information ===
+ '''[How Unicode works with fonts inc using rendering engines. This is something I would want to know and understand.]'''
  '''Most recently released web browsers are able to display content encoded using Unicode if a suitable font which supports Unicode is available to the system.'''
- [telcon 23 mar]
-   * ''''Suitable font' too vague'''
-   * '''More detail: all of these browsers & list'''
-   * '''"All modern browsers" pretty much correct but vague'''
-   * '''Specify which browser versions in significant families'''
- ==== Multilingual Text Rendering Engines ====
+ '''Multilingual Text Rendering Engines:'''
    *'''Windows: Uniscribe'''
    *''' Macintosh: Apple Type Services for Unicode Imaging, which replaced the WorldScript engine for legacy encodings.'''
    *''' Pango - open source'''
    *''' Graphite - (open source renderer from SIL)'''
- [MD 22 mar] What's this for? My assumption is that the reader wants to convert Web pages and use existing browsers, not to implement a browser, yes?
- [DC 30 mar] This location is better for this information iff it's included...
+ ==== Browser Support ====
+ * '''[All modern browsers" pretty much correct but vague: specify which browser versions in significant families that can display Unicode and perhaps more importantly ones that can't]'''
+ [DC 6 apr] Is this section relevant at all if we have a Unicode 'how it works for web pages' background section?
+ ==== Rendering Software  ====
  [AC 24 mar] although, practically, the langauge capabilities of a web browser depend on the rendering system. There are languages that IE or Firefox on WinXP-sp2 can render than the same versions of IE and firefox on WinXP can not, since WinXP and WinXP-sp2 use different versions of uniscribe. Also at issue, are languages supported by Unicode that are not official supported or are unsupported by current commercial rendering systems.
- [MD 22 mar] Maybe mention here that some mobile phones don't yet support UTF-8 (but some do, although with a limited range of characters).
- [telcon 23 mar] Mobile phone support should be with 'will my user see the stuff?' section.
  ==== Fonts ====
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