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The berber alphabet Tifinagh in ISO

From: Najib Tounsi <ntounsi@emi.ac.ma>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 20:15:19 +0000
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Dear all,

The berber alphabet tifinaghe, worked out by l'Institut Royal of the 
Amazighe Culture  (IRCAM, http://www.ircam.ma/) and contributed by P. 
Andries from Canada , was officially recognized as a part of the basic 
multilingual Plan by the Organisation Internationale of Standardization 
(ISO). The coding of Tifinaghe, which contains 54 characters plus a 
diacritic character and 25 empty codes for future rearrangements, was 
submitted to l'ISO and accepted with unanimity at its meeting to Markam 
(Ontario/Canada) on 21-25 june.
The coding of Tifinaghe-IRCAM, should be included soon in amendement-1 
of ISO 10.646 then in UNICODE.

See the announcement in 

See also the new documents from ISO IEC 
and the annoncement N2739-1 
<http://anubis.dkuug.dk/jtc1/sc2/wg2/docs/n2739-1.pdf>  on 2004-06-07  


May be  François Yergeau has  more to add?


Najib Tounsi

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