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Re: This week's Q&A

From: Tex Texin <tex@i18nguy.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 14:07:33 -0400
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I thought Phil's page was publishable and desirable...

On the bidi q&A.
1) It's true for XML as well, so should not be restricted to X/HTML.

2) I think I would move the lrm and rlm controls and discussion up in to the
table. They are controls also so it makes the table complete. The text could
perhaps be dealt with in comments or jointly commented and in the surrounding
text. It's fairly short so no need for a BTW.

3) I would add the name of the controls and scalar value into the column in
the table rather than the bullet list in the background. Perhaps use a smaller
font if you want to conserve space. I would change the heading of the column
from "unicode" to "bidi control code" or some such.

4) Since bidi is not well-supported by browsers and since I hate to force
people to click to evaluate whether they are seeing the right thing or not, I
would embed the images inline in this case, rather than use an image button.
I would leave the text versions as well so people can easily evaluate if their
browser is doing the right thing.

5) In references I would add a link to the unicode chapter on bidi, at the
unicode site.

6) Should we note some of the the places where people might use bidi in
attributes which do not accept markup? In those cases they need to continue to
use unicode right?

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