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Re: Date Format Q&A

From: Martin Duerst <duerst@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 16:52:34 -0400
Message-Id: <>
To: Lloyd Honomichl <lloyd@honomichl.com>, public-i18n-geo@w3.org

Hello Lloyd,

Many thanks for all your nice work!

At 13:06 03/06/06 -0600, Lloyd Honomichl wrote:
>I've done a fair bit of reorganizing and expansion based on comments.
>Also the title of the page was "Non-English Tag" which I've changed.
>I've attached the file to this email, and its also at 

I think the somewhat shorter background section is very good,
this way it's easy to directly go to the answer section. In the
second paragraph of the answer section, I would write
"Both have advantages and drawbacks.". Maybe we could also
add a sentence there mentioning the solutions, with links
to the sections below.

>I've also created a code sample for Java.  Still working on ASP.  I 
>suppose we'll need to reformat these quite a bit.

I think the Java one is no problem at all. But it would be better
to change the HTML tags to lower case in accordance with XHTML.
And there seems to be a double '>' in "</P>>", or is that part of
the code?

Do we want to have this running on the W3C server, so that
people can see the actual result? (we can easily have Java
and Perl running, ASP would be more difficult)

>Martin: You made some comments in our last call about the problems that a 
><DATE> tag would present.  Can you write a sentence or two for me to 
>include about that?

Yes, here it is: "Some have advocated the creation of a <date> tag that
would display dates according the locale of the user agent. But as an
example, displaying a Japanese date format in an English page may be
unclear (in the case of a short format) or look out of place (in the
case of a long format) even to a Japanese user."

By the way, can you change "<DATE YEAR=2003 MONTH=4 DAY=2>" to
something like "<date year='2003' month='4' day='2' />" ?

>Anyone: Any more pros/cons we should add?
>Anyone: Volunteers to write a Perl example?  Or are there other languages 
>we should provide examples for?
>Anyone:  My browser drops the opening brace and the E in the Perl 
>example.  I  get:
>and in the ASP section I get:
>Use Request.ServerVariablesHTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAG) to get ...
>Why does this happen?

I get some weird stuff, too. I think there are some strange bytes
in there. I would simply recommend removing some text around the
characters in question, and typing it in again. There is a similar
problem around the (supposed) apostrophe in "You'll have to do your
own mapping"

Regards,    Martin.
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