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Re: Simplified or traditional for each Chinese macrolanguage

From: <ishida@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2016 17:00:08 +0100
To: Xidorn Quan <me@upsuper.org>, Koji Ishii <kojiishi@gmail.com>
Cc: John Cowan <cowan@mercury.ccil.org>, 董福興 <bobbytung@wanderer.tw>, CJK discussion <public-i18n-cjk@w3.org>, Makoto Kato <m_kato@ga2.so-net.ne.jp>, 劉慶 <ryukeikun@gmail.com>
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On 27/07/2016 08:18, Xidorn Quan wrote:
> Richard: could you review this list as well

hi Xidorn, here are some thoughts from a quick review.

i think you're missing zh on its own.

Also, if this is a list of what people/applications may use to describe 
the language of a page, you should probably add zh-CN, zh-TW and zh-HK 
to your list (but not to any list in clreq).

I suppose there's also a way to match something like zh-yue-HK to zh-yue?

I guess the use of =zh-CN rather than =zh-Hans is a legacy issue with 
the way things are labelled in the code?  It would be nice to use the 
script codes rather than region codes, if possible, since that properly 
expresses what is meant.

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