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Re: [html-bidi] Any bidi requirements for MathML (or MathMl in HTML)?

From: Bert Bos <bert@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 14:41:17 +0200
To: public-i18n-bidi@w3.org
Message-Id: <201008181441.17369.bert@w3.org>
On Wednesday 18 August 2010 04:40:09 Najib Tounsi wrote:

> I think Arabic "requirements" in MathML were mentioned in a W3C note:
> Arabic mathematical notation, W3C Interest Group Note 31 January 2006
> (http://www.w3.org/Math/Group/Notes/draft-notes/arabic.xhtml)
> This Note has allowed clarification of the relationship with
> bidirectional text.
> The Note is also mentionned in MathML 3.0 specification, where the
> section  "3.1.5 Directionality " is devoted to RTL issues in general.
> (http://www.w3.org/TR/2010/PR-MathML3-20100810/chapter3.html#presm.bi

Yes, I should have mentioned that note. The bidi features in MathML3 are 
based on research of which that note is the result. But the note deals 
with math on its own, not embedded in HTML, and it predates the 
html-bidi draft.

I didn't actually find any issues in the draft that might lead to a 
change in MathML. Only the issues of user input and pop-ups may apply 
to user agents:

  - bidi isolation seems covered
  - there are images (but only as annotation, like HTML ALT= in reverse)
  - user input is very limited (and very underspecified, see <maction>)
  - line breaks seem to pose no problem, as all elements are isolated
  - there are pop-ups/tooltips/status messages (<maction>)
  - there are no scrollbars or similar inside formulas

But to be sure I decided to ask you. If you consider not just HTML, but 
HTML with math, does that change anything?

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