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<option>'s alignment and dir Re: Additional Requirements for Bidi in HTML - open issues

From: Xiaomei Ji <xji@google.com>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 11:41:55 -0700
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I have some questions on <option>'s alignment.

In 3.7 <option> should support the dir attribute and be displayed
accordingly both in the dropdown and after being chosen. The proposed
solution on alignment is: "setting an <option> element's alignment via CSS
or the align attribute will affect its display accordingly in both the
dropdown and after being chosen".

Since "text-align" is inherited, if an <option>'s alignment is set, it is
honored. If an <option>'s alignment is not set, it should take its
<select>'s alignment if it is set.

But how about the case when alignment is not set in both <option> and
<select>? Should the alignment be derived from <option>'s dir or from
<select>'s dir?

For example:
<select dir="rtl">
<option style="text-align:right">foo</option>
<option dir="ltr">bar</option>

"foo" is aligned right.
"bar" is displayed as left-to-right both in dropdown and after being chosen.
How about its alignment?

The proposal also says that "an <option> element's computed direction will
take its dir attribute into account, and will be used to display the
option's text in both the dropdown and after being chosen". Does it mean if
dir is set for <option>, it is honored, otherwise, the direction of <option>
is computed (as what Safari does) without inherits from dir of <select>?

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