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Re: Introduce VariableRepresentation class (was: variable representations edited for spec)

From: Ruben Verborgh <ruben.verborgh@ugent.be>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2015 11:33:26 +0100
Cc: Hydra <public-hydra@w3.org>
Message-Id: <E89BC750-1709-4471-BA04-4A4A5E69D96F@ugent.be>
To: Markus Lanthaler <markus.lanthaler@gmx.net>
> Thinking about it again, it might actually make
> sense to introduce such a class as it could help us to improve documentation
> of the vocabulary.

Great. Proposed spec changes:

> BasicRepresentation and ExplicitRepresentation would be
> instances of VariableRepresentation though and not subclasses.

They never should have been classes in the first place;
that was a modeling error I accidentally introduced.
Given that they are indeed instances,
it does make sense to have some class for them.


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