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Re: [httpslocal/usecases] Add a draft proposal of requirements. (#5)

From: Tomoyuki Shimizu <notifications@github.com>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2017 01:15:45 -0700
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> +
+- #T.B.D.
+    - Network environment: a local network and/or a global network
+    - Certificate issuer: public CA / corporate or organizational CA / private CA
+    - Privacy scope: public / per service or device manufacturer / private
+# Requirements for HTTPS/WSS in Local Network
+This section collects requirements derived from use cases listed above.
+## <a name="req-01"></a>REQ-01: Device Discovery
+- The UA (the web browser mentioned in the use cases above) shall be able to securely discover the presence of HTTPS/WSS server capable devices (hereinafter just called 'device') that are connected to the local network. 
+- A secure context loaded from the internet to the UA (hereinafter just called 'secure context') should also be able to discover target device capabilities that are actively (e.g., turned on) connected to the local network (e.g., device type, identity of a set of Web APIs, and so on).
+- A secure context shall be able to get access to the locally discovered device based on the user consent.
+- If there are multiple devices in local network, the UA shall be able to provide the user with a way to select one device at a time which she intends to use on the secure context.

Okay, I'll merge this as it is for now. These items could be discussed later in https://github.com/httpslocal/usecases/issues/4.

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