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Re: [httpslocal/usecases] Clarify requirements (#4)

From: Tomoyuki Shimizu <notifications@github.com>
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2017 03:18:31 -0700
To: httpslocal/usecases <usecases@noreply.github.com>
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Many thanks, @dajiaji! Please submit your proposal draft as a PR, and then I'll review and approve it.

> I think all of the use cases basically have the same network environment

Okay. Initially, we will only assume mixed environment of secure context and local network for now. We can add another environment at any time, of course.

> I think that it is too early to discuss the type of CA that depends on a solution for HTTPS/WSS in local network.

Oops. I didn't take care about it so much. It was just an idea.

> - Privacy scope: public / per service or device manufacturer / private

What I have meant by this sentence is just to clarify who would trust devices or users, for example:

- public scope: anyone can access the device
- service or device manufacturer's scope: only web apps in the manufacturer's origin or users authorized by the manufacturer can access it
- private scope: only an owner/administrator of the device can access it (I haven't consider mechanism of "origin" and/or authentication so well, though)

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