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Minutes Re: Agenda: HTML meeting on Tuesday 5th June

From: Chaals Nevile <chaals@yandex.ru>
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2018 13:59:40 +0200
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                                HTML meeting

05 Jun 2018


           Léonie, Xiaoqian, Scott, chaals


      * [2]Topics
          1. [3]Implementation report
          2. [4]Wide review
          3. [5]Milestone progress
          4. [6]F2F planning
          5. [7]AOB?
      * [8]Summary of Action Items
      * [9]Summary of Resolutions

Implementation report


    XW: Will submit a test for allowusermedia in WPT
    ... for the Mac file type I am not sur how to test, it is a
    non-normative change.
    ... link matches what Apple states it should be, do we need a
    further test.

    CMN: So add in the notes that it is an OS not browser feature.

    XW: That would be the same for windows clipboard change. We'll
    put a note for these two.
    ... Talked to PLH, don't need to submit to IETF.
    ... should be able to finish my stuff in the implementation
    report tomorrow.

    LJW: So changes to complete for Patricia, Bruce and Shwetank.
    Patricia's dialog focus is the complicated one

    CMN: Yeah, that is at risk.

Wide review

    <tink> [11]https://github.com/w3c/html/issues/1415

    LJW: TAG are not going to review but haven't provided a
    concrete answer and it seems hard to get one from them.
    ... expected them to meet today, with any luck they will answer
    after that.
    ... APA signed off with no issues, ARIA are happy to see us
    continue but may raise issues on the (non-normative) aria in
    HTML stuff.
    ... We have some issues filed with i18n, #1039 on requiring

    CMN: The issue is how we describe what happens when pages don't
    use UTF-8 and I think the answer is that we want to do what
    i18n wants us to do.

    LJW: privacy raised a bunch of issues. Concerns about ping
    attribute not being implemented with any privacy support.
    ... it has always been in WHATWG, W3C had removed it for
    non-interop but reintegrated it because it is now widely

    CMN: Think we should describe this clearly in privay concerns,
    noting also the benefits of ping atttribute...

    <scribe> ACTION: chaals to work with LJW on addressing privacy
    issues for ping attribute

    LJW: Capture issue. Not sure if there is anything we need to do
    in the HTML spec or in media capture itself.
    ... as I recall, it is defined there and we just point to it.

    XW: Media capture is an extension spec, right?

    LJW: Right, we just reference the attribute where it can occur,
    pointing to the extension spec for privacy.
    ... 1458, allowusermedia, I am not sure if this is something
    for us - it looks like the comment should be passed to the
    definition of the attribute itself. In any event they say we
    don't need to block on this.
    ... No response in regard to security, SVG doesn't seem to
    ... so unless TAG comes back with something, we should be able
    to deal with what we have.
    ... would be good to wrap up these and implementation report.

Milestone progress

    LJW: our dates are a bit off, and we're halfway with a pile of
    editorial issues to try and nail.
    ... 20 issues to go.

    <xiaoqian> [12]open i18n issue

      [12] https://github.com/w3c/html/issues/1424

    CMN: That is waiting on me for text.

F2F planning

    XW: Hopefully visa will be confirmed, and all fine.

    LJW: Agenda is still fairly high level, we will probably figure
    out most of the detail at the start.
    ... wanted sangwhan to tell us more about HTML review, discuss
    WHATWG/W3C relationship, and getting issue triage and work done
    is meant to be the main focus.
    ... Agenda is open, if people want to add things. Do a PR on
    the agenda page, or ask chairs.

    XW: Will we make CR transition before or after face to face?

    LJW: Hard to say.

    XW: if we do it before face to face there is not much technical
    stuff to do in f2f.

    LJW: Doubt we will be ready to request transition...
    ... CfC is likely to have finished, at best.


    LJW: likely regrets next week

    CMN: will hold meeting next week.

    XW: There are a couple of things not in the implementation

    [noted. we need to check that again before we wind it up]


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