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Re: Change Proposal for time element - add an era attribute

From: Cameron Heavon-Jones <cmhjones@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 14:07:57 +0100
Cc: Ian Devlin <ian@iandevlin.com>, public-html@w3.org
Message-Id: <6DAAE8A5-BAEC-4222-BAC7-10C8D77BEBE3@gmail.com>
To: Julian Reschke <julian.reschke@gmx.de>

On 13/04/2012, at 9:07 AM, Julian Reschke wrote:

> On 2012-04-12 20:19, Ian Devlin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I noticed from the summary email that went out earlier today that Issue
>> 183: Enhance and simplify the time element is due to close tomorrow.
>> I'd like to submit an additional change proposal which isn't a counter
>> proposal, but merely a suggested enhancement to Tantek's proposal which
>> forms the basis of Issue 183.
>> My proposal: add an 'era' attribute to the HTML5 <time> element, can be
>> found at -
>> http://www.w3.org/html/wg/wiki/User:Idevlin/add_era_attribute_to_time_element
>> ...
> A potential problem with an attribute that will be absent most of the time, yet changes the interpretation of the time itself is that many consumers will ignore it, and thus misinterpret the value.
> Best regards, Julian

I think it is a Bad Idea™ to have value encoding split across multiple definitions. Values must be transmitted and consumed,  and i know of no programming language that exists that splits a machine readable encoding across multiple distinct values. The point of an encoding is to represent the information in its entirety, if an encoding is incapable of that you generally invent a new one.

Cameron Jones 
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