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Shouldn't del be a sectioning root?

From: Lars Gunther <gunther@keryx.se>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 14:29:40 +0200
Message-ID: <4E0B1AB4.9050506@keryx.se>
To: public-html@w3.org
Hi again!

While researching hgroup I realized that headings wrapped by <del> are 
still part of the document outline?

Is that desirable?

I can see arguments for both leaving it as is and for making it as a 
sectioning root.

But at least I think it should be discussed and if the arguments weigh 
in favor of it being a sectioning root, it should be dealt with 
promptly. The spec change would be quite minimal.

Lars Gunther
Received on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 12:30:24 UTC

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