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Re: HTML Working Group Decision Policy - for discussion

From: Shelley Powers <shelleyp@burningbird.net>
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 13:25:51 -0500
Message-ID: <4ACCDD2F.9060003@burningbird.net>
To: Sam Ruby <rubys@intertwingly.net>
CC: public-html@w3.org

> Rejoin the group, and I will add you directly.  Alternately, send me 
> the text you would prefer (posting to this list is fine) and as I said 
> above, I will either correct the issue or open a new issue (in this 
> particular case, updating the issue is far more likely).

Oh goodness, no. If I joined again, I'd probably quit again, and the 
WhatWG IRC couldn't handle all the snark this would generate. But thank 

I'll just pester someone from the group of 26 with edit capability, and 
ask them(you) to make the correction.

I believe there's also a way for the bot to pick up an HTML WG email and 
attach, as link, to issue. Something about putting the Issue number in 
the subject line of the email. That would also be useful information to 
add to the procedures.

> [snip]
>>>> The escalational process for determining how to manage the issue 
>>>> does not reflect the most likely fact that the bugs/issues during 
>>>> Last Call will come from outside of the group. If the call for 
>>>> volunteers only occurs during the WG teleconference, which I'm 
>>>> having to assume happens, because this is not mentioned in the 
>>>> document, there's no opportunity for the person who submits the 
>>>> bug/issue to be involved with authoring a change proposal for 
>>>> submittal to the group.
>>> I'm not following.  Nothing will happen exclusively in WG 
>>> teleconferences, the group is open to everybody who is willing to 
>>> agree to the patent policy, and we have plenty of people who will 
>>> assist with the mechanics of everything from adding a link from an 
>>> issue to a proposal to doing actual updates in cvs.
>> I'm sorry, but I don't believe that telling someone to join the group 
>> is a viable way of dealing with people's concerns.
> I did not tell you (or anybody else) to join the group, I merely 
> mentioned it as an option.

You're right, and you did offer this approach only as an option. My 

> [snip]
>> How does one register a Formal Objection to the HTML WG? Do we send 
>> an email to the HTML WG list, with the Issue in the subject line? Do 
>> we use the words "Formal Objection" in the subject line, too?
> Formal Objections are to be addressed to the Director.  It generally 
> is a good idea to cite the WG decision that you are objecting to 
> (note: in this context, it is not an editor's decision, but a WG 
> decision. Raising an Issue is a good way to get a WG decision, and we 
> are trying to make reporting a bug a pre-req for creating an issue).
> Formal Objections SHOULD as well as cite technical arguments and 
> propose changes that would remove the Formal Objection.

I'm probably being dense, but how does one address something to the 
Director? Send Tim B-L an email? What email address should we use for a 
specific formal objection? With a cc to the HTML WG, to meet the 
publicly available criteria?

The W3C procedures are very vague in this regard. Perhaps the HTML WG 
procedure could provide a little more of this detail, since the W3C page 
is vague.

> - Sam Ruby


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