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Re: HTMLMediaElement readyState

From: Ian Hickson <ian@hixie.ch>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 07:29:09 +0000 (UTC)
To: Eric Carlson <eric.carlson@apple.com>
Cc: HTML WG <public-html@w3.org>
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On Wed, 19 Nov 2008, Eric Carlson wrote:
> First, HAVE_SOME_DATA is unnecessary because it describes the same state 
> as HAVE_METADATA - the UA doesn't have enough media to render anything. 
> It is true that HAVE_SOME_DATA tells you there is data *somewhere* that 
> can be displayed, but that isn't terribly useful.

Good point; fixed.

> The second, and more important, problem is that the states are written 
> (a) from the point of view of how the resource feels about itself 
> instead of how it can be used, and (b) they are quite download-centric.  

I don't really see this as a problem...

> For example the spec says a media resource can be played when it is in 
> the HAVE_FUTURE_DATA state, but a 'playable' streaming resource may have 
> *zero* future data when it is as playable as it will ever be - it just 
> has a network connection over which it can request the server to begin 
> playing.

That would be the HAVE_METADATA or HAVE_CURRENT_DATA state; only once 
data is coming in, with actual data in the streaming buffer, would it get 

> The state descriptions have been rewritten below to accommodate streamed 
> media resources

The text in the spec now is already intended to accommodate streamed media 
resources. What isn't accommodated?

> and we have changed the state prefixes from "HAVE_" to "CAN_" to 
> emphasize that the states describe what can be done with the element.

I don't really understand why this is better. Could you elaborate?

> CAN_PLAY (numeric value 3)

This is IMHO a misleading constant name; you can play all the way from 
HAVE_NOTHING, it's just that it'll take a while to get some data.

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