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RE: question about the draft:

From: Justin James <j_james@mindspring.com>
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 11:20:56 -0400
To: "'Smylers'" <Smylers@stripey.com>, <public-html@w3.org>
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> Subject: Re: question about the draft:
> But the problem Ian mentioned is HTML not having an element which has a
> plausible semantic meaning for denoting 'this is a major issue which we
> need to look at'.
> Either we already have such a semantic (in which case please suggest
> the
> element Ian should use), or we're missing it (in which case nothing
> other than adding that semantic will help).
> > The idea is to be able to assign semantics to tags, particularly
> > "generic" tags like div, span, img, etc.
> That's a different point.  You've proposed that in a thread elsewhere,
> where it can be discussed.

It looks like you're right, sorry about that! I really need to start reading
the WG emails much earlier in my night, when my critical reading skills are
more functional! :)

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