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Fwd: WYSIWYM editors

From: Diego La Monica <d.lamonica@tosend.it>
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 10:47:04 +0100
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Sorry accidentally i sent response only to Robert Accettura.

Best regards.
Diego La Monica

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From: Diego La Monica <d.lamonica@tosend.it>
Date: 18-Mar-2007 09:49
Subject: Re: WYSIWYM editors
To: Robert Accettura <robert@accettura.com>

Robert Accettura:
> Take the following as an example (it's not really a proposal): If the
> markup
> were so that all tags were equal (think <span>,<a>,<img>,<input>, and a
> handful
> of others as the only tags not depricated), and an attribute ("datatype")
> were
> to describe the data in more casual terms of what it contains ("quote",
> "citation", "navigation", "paragraph", etc. it's much more intuitive.

Diego La Monica:
I guess: is necessary a so proof level of definition of tags?
Why getting the inexpert people forcing to know what kind of data contains
the tag? I think that meaning of what is the block of tags or single tag
would be much more clear than datatype.
I think that your hypotetic datatype attribute (I understood it's not a
proposal) could be replaced by the jet discussed attribute XHTML role
attribute[1]. That personally i think really usefull.
An example of use (the same of the XHTML role attribute Working Draft [1]):

<ul role="navigation wai:sitemap">
    <li href="downloads">Downloads</li>
    <li href="docs">Documentation</li>

    <li href="news">News</li>

As you describe it would be rappresented in other way (I suppose as

<ul datatype="navigation">
    <li href="downloads" datatype="hyperlink">Downloads</li>

    <li href="docs" datatype="hyperlink">Documentation</li>
    <li href="news" datatype="hyperlink">News</li>

I think the first would be more clear as example and, in the same time, I
think you've said the same things that are already mentioned for role

> Robert Accettura
> robert@accettura.com
[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml-role/

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