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BarCamp like for the HTML WG.

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 11:33:55 +0900
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I was looking at the People Location page for the HTML WG. Many  
people didn't put their name there, but from what I can see. It seems  
that there is a majority of people on USA/Canada East Cost and Europe.


I was then wondering how many people would be able to participate to  
a meeting for HTML WG either on the west coast or on in Europe,
or maybe both at the same time.

There are quite cool topics that could be addressed during these  

    * How do we organize the test cases?
      but even more let's do a test case
      party during the meeting with direct testing.
    * Review of the issues which seem to not have
      been addressed during the last 4 months?
    * How to organize the templates to create a tutorial?
      and maybe even drafting a few of them. Test
      Cases could be a good opportunity
    * Identify the parts were browsers have the
      biggest lack of interop?

People could also introduces the cool hack and development they do  
with HTML 5.
Series of Lightning talks.

     * What's implemented in Opera, Safari, Mozilla and IE?
     * the different parsing libraries html5lib/python (anne/james)  
ruby (sam)
     * the conformance checkers
     * any tidy out there?
     * etc.
     * State of art of implementation in accessibility software.

If people can't be on the site of the meeting, they try to find  
someone else on the list that can present their stuff to other people.

For european site, last year we had parisweb 2006, which was quite a  

There will a 2007 edition of Paris Web. I'm pretty sure that would be  
a good opportunity to have a meeting the days after or before with  
people from Europe.

On the east coast it could be I guess around Boston, New-York or  
Any ideas?

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