Test of current UA preseentation of dfn, term, var, and abbr

Here's a paragraph demonstrating the current presentation of the term element which is a new element that contains a term that might be used in a document index or in a document glossary along with this elaborated definition (dfn). Such a dfn element includes a @title attribute that indicates the term (term), abbreviation (abbr) or variable (var) it defines as is traditionally the case. It may also be worthwhile to introduce a new attribute here like @defref that would contain the s. UAs wolud then associate this definition with every case-sensitive matching string in the document. If the instead dfn element includes the casesensitive boolean attribute, the comparision match would be restricted to case sensitive mathing terms, abbreviations and variables only. (the element type names in parentheses are enclosed in those same element and so indicate the default presentation in your current browser).