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Re: handling fallback content for still images

From: Sander Tekelenburg <st@isoc.nl>
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 13:05:07 +0200
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To: public-html@w3.org

[Assuming you mailed me off-list unintentionally]

At 05:40 -0500 UTC, on 2007-07-03, Robert Burns wrote:

> On Jul 3, 2007, at 5:12 AM, Sander Tekelenburg wrote:


> One more thing. I noticed you put in that as a con, <object> is not
> interoperable with IE. My thought was that I was including the object
> markup that is interoperable with IE. I don't' have IE here to test
> it, but if you or someone else could check I'd appreciate it.

For me, IE6 renders no output whatsoever. I find the specs' object and param
definitions too incomprehensible, IE too unintresting and my time too limited
to debug -- sorry ;) If you for anyone else find something that does work
(better) with IE, I'll be happy to add it to this page though.

Sander Tekelenburg
The Web Repair Initiative: <http://webrepair.org/>
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