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static and dinamic schemes

From: Dmitry Turin <html60@narod.ru>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 08:16:28 +0300
Message-ID: <21710687.20070418081628@narod.ru>
To: public-html@w3.org

It's easy and simple to draw a static schema
but demonstration of dinamic schemes is problem for applied users
(technologists, phisicists,etc),
because it's necessary to explain dinamic schemes in motions!
I offer to write motions of dots of lines so:
 <dragdot name=B num=N x=10em y=15em>
 B is value of attribute "name" of tag "line",
 N is serial number of dot in line (numbers are counted from 1),
 10,15 are new coordinates of dot in pixels, em, etc.
Let's put some of motions into xml-object, like this

 <dragdot name=B num=5 x=10em y=15em>
 <dragdot name=C num=8 x=30em y=45em>

 A is name of module.
We write all modules into separate file,
and put the following into html-document inside "HEAD".

  <link src="./filename.xml" type="module">

How are we can call module?
I offer the following way.
Let all html-objects can have SEVERAL styles -
styles are listed in css-file, like this

li.style5 { color: red }
li.style4 { color: orange }
li.style3 { color: green }
li.style2 { color: black }
li.style1 { color: silver }

And we put one more html-elements inside "HEAD"

  <link src="./filename.txt" type="transition">

In transition-file we list initial style, mouse key and final style, for example

style1 click style2
style2 click style3
style3 click style4
style4 click style5
style5 click,double-click style1 
I offer to conside, that module is alike style,
and we can put name of module into transition-file after ":"

style1 double-click :A

We also can consider change of style as motion, designate this change so
 <obj name=html_element_name cmd=click os=old_style ns=new_style>
and put this new motion also into module.

It's more comfortable to write this finite automaton by listing of motions
(especially for un-experienced user), instead to write JavaScript!
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