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Re: XML Data Islands

From: Henri Sivonen <hsivonen@iki.fi>
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 18:08:51 +0200
Message-Id: <8F0EE90A-A0D1-473C-BE78-61F4EC94CC42@iki.fi>
To: public-html-xml@w3.org
On Dec 21, 2010, at 23:56, COUTHURES Alain wrote:

> I tried to use XML Data Islands for storing XForms instances in XSLTForms. It worked not only with IE but also with FireFox (https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Using_XML_Data_Islands_in_Mozilla).

Neither the old HTML parser in Gecko nor the new one has any specific knowledge about the <xml> tag. It is parsed like any other unknown tag.

I'll see what I can do about getting the documentation wiki changed not to imply that this is a supported or endorsed feature. Rather the page is a recount of experiences of what happens if you serve a particular kind of invalid input to the browser. 

Henri Sivonen
Received on Monday, 3 January 2011 16:09:25 UTC

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