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{minutes} HTML WG telecon 2013-02-14 - CFCs, TF Reports

From: Philippe Le Hegaret <plh@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 14:09:06 -0500
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                       HTML Weekly Teleconference

14 Feb 2013


   See also: IRC log


          Radhika_Roy, Glenn, Rick, Eliot, Jay, David, Plh,
          Janina, Kris, Maciej, Joe, Ted, Paul





     * [4]Topics
         1. [5]Action items
         2. [6]Call for Consensus
         3. [7]Task Force
         4. [8]Other Business
         5. [9]Next meeting

Action items

   Maciej: none

Call for Consensus

   Maciej: we closed a few of them
   ... picture element, srcset attribute, use cases and responsive
   for images, and EMA
   ... picture, srcset, and use cases and reqs for responsive
   images passed
   ... eme did not pass
   ... extensive discussion
   ... several objections and support
   ... statement from w3c team on whether this type of work is
   something to work on or not
   ... the team said it's appropriate even if they didn't get a
   technical position
   ... we need to look into some of the objections
   ... folks should use public-html-media extensions and
   www-archive otherwise

   Glenn: what is the chairs plan for moving forward on the FPWD
   ... as noted, fpwd does not require consensus

   Maciej: plan is to look at what sort of good faith is made to
   resolve objections
   ... it's at least possible to make some progress there
   ... the broad question of principle regarding w3c is larger
   than the html wg
   ... the w3c team and the advisory committee are the authorities
   for that
   ... we have said we'll give people time to file bugs and issues
   until the 15th

   Maciej: we'll look at the next steps after that

   Maciej: it's not clear if the majority of the group supports
   the current approach
   ... we might do a survey to estimate that later

   Glenn: the CfC was to the list subscribers, it doesn't
   represent what participants of the WG think
   ... would help to have a survey addressed to the WG members
   rather than list subscribers

   Joe: quick clarification: you said that the w3c team that this
   was an appropriate topic to cover and then heard you said we're
   waiting for them

   Maciej: it's appropriate to work in this area
   ... to the extend it's an open question, it should be take to
   the team and the AC

   Joe: so, are we still waiting for clarification?

   Maciej: no, if anybody doesn't like what the W3C team said, it
   should be taken to them directly

   Joe: so, the next step is to look at the technical objections?

   Maciej: correct

Task Force

   Maciej: Testing first

   Kris: darobin created a coverage report using the 'new' folder
   structure that maps to the spec (yeah!)
   ... I recommend people look at it
   ... canvas looks good
   ... some others don't

   <krisk> See ->

   <krisk> Meeting notes

   Kris: we met last Tuesday
   ... Tobie, Michael, and Yosuke
   ... we're replicating the approved tests on w3c-test.org now
   ... more discussion around the metadata theme

   plh: do we have all the tests we need for canvas?

   Kris: at TPAC, there are some tests that everyone fail
   ... I'll follow up with that

   plh: yes, would be good to know what to do with the failures

   Maciej: Accessibility is next

   Janina: eta for longdesc extension is 10am this Monday
   ... we do have some tweaks in language in the summary of
   objections received
   ... it's on the tf list
   ... we don't expect suprises at this point
   ... I'll forward the request to publish
   ... we're eager to move
   ... so it'll be in html and wai pf groups on Monday
   ... tf is pleased that Steve Faulkner is one of the editors
   ... he filled bugs on the alt text in the spec
   ... reached out to Robin about this as well
   ... so should be moving along as well
   ... finally dealing with bugs

   Maciej: media is next

   Paul: media tf continues to alternate between MSE and EME
   ... MSE was this week
   ... we're making progress
   ... done some updates since the FPWD
   ... we're done to a single digit number of bugs
   ... on EME, we have 15 new bugs
   ... the EME group will meet next Tuesday and those bugs will be
   at the top of the list
   ... discussion happening in the bugzilla

Other Business

   Maciej: there is a call for editors for the polyglot
   ... a few open bugs for this one
   ... would be to have an active an editors' team
   ... please get in touch with us if you're interested

   Janina: we had a highly productive workshop with IDPF (EPUB)
   and hopefully some of them will join to work here
   ... they want to standardize around HTML5 and have some
   ... I suggest looking at the minutes

   <paulc> see

Next meeting

   Maciej: scribe?

   Rick: I'll do it

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