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RE: HTML Testing Task Force Conf Call Agenda 1/12/2010

From: Kris Krueger <krisk@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 03:24:03 +0000
To: 'Geoffrey Sneddon' <gsneddon@opera.com>
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Sure - 

As mentioned at the previous conf call, until we move away from CVS :)
tests should be submitted under /html5/tests/submissions/[SUBMITTER]/[FEATURE]/tests...

The [SUBMITTER] is your name or company
The [FEATURE] should be the name of the feature and not the chapter, for example parser and not chapter_7.2.

Once we agree that A) the spec is complete or reasonably stable for a given feature and B) we have tests that we agree test the feature we can move them to an approved folder.  Because we are still in CVS I'll track tests the using a spreadsheet saved in CVS that can be opened in open office version 3 and Excel.


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Kris Krueger wrote:
> Agenda Items
> #1 Status Review For Action Items (#1 -> #4)
> #2 Review Test Submission Process (e.g. from a test submitted to cvs -> 'approved')
> #3 Discuss where we want to be at 6 months from now
> For #2 the initial example would use a set of cross-domain test cases submitted by Microsoft.
> The test cases work in IE8, Opera 10, Firefox3.5, Safari 4 and the spec itself looks quite 'stable'.

Could you send out a description of the test submission process by email 
before the telcon? I'd rather not have to be working out my own opinion 
in real-time. :)

Geoffrey Sneddon - Opera Software
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