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[encrypted-media] the EME WG is ignoring "inconvenient" issues

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== the EME WG is ignoring "inconvenient" issues ==
@timbl @paulbrucecotton

Members of the EME WG are wilfully ignoring issues that must be 
addressed ensure platform compatibility (#166/#159) and refuses to 
remove ensnaring legal language (#157).  I have suggested many 
solutions that would work for all but a select subset of businesses 
using DRM.  However, instead of selecting the obvious solutions that 
would benefit the general public, the EME WG has chosen to ignore 
these issues because doing so would disrupt their various 
corporation's plans for [hardware 
 [DRM licensing 
schemes](https://www.microsoft.com/playready/licensing/) and legal 

**What this all boils down too is that only one group of people will 
be able to view 100% of sites using commercial CDMs: people who bought
 a Windows 10 computer in the last year _and_ use Chrome, Firefox or 

This means if your CPU is from 2014, you can't view 4K content.  If 
you are on Windows 7/8.x or Apple OS X you can't 4K content even if 
it's a 4K SmartTV!

**People who can view 0% of sites using commercial CDMs:**
* anyone with a browser that is not Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Safari
* FreeBSD users
* everyone using PowerPC (e.g. OSX and the upcoming libre [Talos 
* non-x86 Linux users (except Android on ARM)

Without any members of the EME WG willing to address issues in an 
honest and open manner to ensure that the EME and CDMs comply with the
 [Design Principles of the 
W3C](https://www.w3.org/Consortium/mission#principles) of a _Web for 
All_ and _Web on Everything_, **the EME WG should be dissolved** 
because it is composed of members that are incapable of being 
impartial due to _direct_ conflicts of interest.

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