18933Segment byte boundaries are not definedASSIGNEDAssigned to Mark to work with Steven on text updates.
18922Add a parser free, codec agnostic exampleRESOLVED NEEDSINFOIf Haakon provides the example then we can discuss adding.
18921append(data) should accept any part of media segment RESOLVED WONTFIXThe current goals of the API require that applications do have an accurate offset of all segments. Applications are likely to compose presentations from multiple sources and need to understand how to map these together.
18920addSourceBuffer parameter type should be optionalRESOLVED WONTFIXDiscussed previously during the call. Current consensus is to leave the type parameter to allow user agents to fail fast if they choose.
18642Handle timestamp overflow in append(data)ASSIGNEDAssigned to Aaron. Next action is to reorganise the append() algorithm to make it more precise.
18615Define how SourceBuffer.buffered maps to HTMLMediaElement.bufferedASSIGNEDAssigned to Aaron to work with Philip to remove any ambiguity.
18592How much is "enough data to ensure uninterrupted playback"NEWYESThis topic requires more review and discussion to better align the content model for MSE with HTML5.
18575Section 2. Source Buffer Model should be non-normativeASSIGNEDYESThis is a LARGE change to the structure of the document to more clearly separate normative and informative language. Assigned to Aaron.
18601Contradictory requirements for initialization segmentsASSIGNEDYESDiscussed previously during the call. Current proposal is to remove the text making initialization segments optional.
18587Define clearly what data is removed when setting an explicit durationASSIGNEDResolution of this bug is dependent on the SourceBuffer.remove modification in bug 18709.
18400Define and document timestamp heuristics ASSIGNEDNext step: reorganize append() description into sub-algorithms in order to introduce this proposal. This reorganisation work is captured in bug 18462.
18960Define how & are generatedNEWYESThis topic needs more discussion to conclude how to handle track IDs. Feedback from the wider WG might be helpful to ensure alignment with HTML5 media elements.
19531simplify MIME type capability detection NEWYESWe will clarify that supporting MSE a subset of the formats the media element supports is acceptable to allow staged implementation. We need a little more review and discussion about the exact mechanism/method.
New features
18963Provide a mechanism for rate limiting appending NEWYESWe should discuss whether this is required for v1.
18962Allow appending with XHRNEWYESWe discussed this on the call recently. Current proposal is void appendStream(Stream). We need to discuss whether the any new mechanisms are required to indicate progress/completion. Also need to resolve how Stream support will be added to W3C XHR with WebApps.
18709Add SourceBuffer.remove() methodNEWYESWe need to review to confirm consensus before making the change proposed in the bug.
17006<track> Setting track language & kind when the information is in a manifestASSIGNEDYESAssigned to Adrian to make a proposal before TPAC for discussion.
17002Specify a mechanism to determine which SourceBuffer an AudioTrack,VideoTrack, or TextTrack belong to.NEWYESShould be simple to address but we need to discuss once we resolve bug 18960.
17000Define a capability detection mechanismRESOLVED LATERWe should wait for more implementation experience to see if we really need a programmatic mechanism for determining capabilities. Resolved LATER. Bug 19531 covers the format support aspect.
17094Define segment formats for MPEG2-TSASSIGNEDYESThis needs more review and discussion. We want to discuss at TPAC if there are enough people with domain knowledge. Goal is to get agreement on text by the end of TPAC that we can add into the spec as a starting point for refinement.